The company accomplished centhaquine development from bench to bedside in ten years


Established in 2010, Pharmazz, Inc. is an emerging global pharmaceutical company. Focus of the company is to discover, acquire, develop, and market novel pharmaceutical products for use in critical care and hospital settings.

Pharmazz, Inc. established its subsidiary in India (Pharmazz India Private Limited) and in UK (Pharmazz UK Limited).


Company signed licensing agreements with Midwestern University in 2011 and The Board of Trustees of the University of Illinois in 2014.

Clinical development of centhaquine for hypovolemic shock was initiated in India and approval for phase I clinical trial was obtained in September 2014, followed by approval for phase II in December 2016, and phase III in December 2018. Market authorization was obtained in May of 2020 and Lyfaquin® was launched in November of 2020.

The company accomplished centhaquine development from bench to bedside in ten years.

Clinical development of sovateltide was started in India with phase I study in July 2016 and approval for phase II trial in India for cerebral ischemic stroke was obtained in August 2017 and then for phase III in July 2019. Permission for phase II studies of sovateltide in Alzheimer’s disease was obtained in August 2017 and Acute Spinal Cord Injury in October 2018.

RoadMap ↓

Centhaquine Market Approval (India) - May
Lyfaquin® (centhaquine) launched - November
Sovateltide Phase III for Stroke - July
Sovateltide Phase II for Acute Spinal Cord Injury - October
Centhaquine Phase III - December
Sovateltide Phase II for Stroke - August
Sovateltide Phase II for Alzheimer’s disease - August
Sovateltide Phase I - July
Centhaquine Phase II - December
Licensing agreement with University of Illinois - January
Centhaquine Phase I - September
Licensing agreement with Midwestern The University - January
Pharmazz India Private Limited started - March
Incorporated - October